As more people use the Internet in search of information, online video has become increasingly important especially for reaching and connecting with present and potential patients. The reason for video’s popularity is due to its simplicity in obtaining knowledge. Rather than reading literature on a website in its entirety, viewers prefer visuals and verbal explanations as opposed to the prior. According to people are more likely to obtain 50% more information compared to basic literature alone.
The medical community is absolutely overflowing with online possibilities as patients demand transparency and easier explanations from doctors and medical professionals and who can blame them coming from such a daunting field.
Here are six recommended points to cover with video for your medical practice which will; facilitate future patients’ anxiety and increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website and improve your business.
1.) Explainer Video
An explainer video is a perfect way to engage the viewers as well as strengthen your SEO. This video answers a few fundamental questions and explains a business, a product, or a service in 2 minutes or less. Normally it explains the problem the product or service is trying to solve and why the viewer should make purchase. This video is very similar to a 30 second elevator pitch but with colorful visuals accompanied with harmonic sound that is normally placed on the website’s home page.

2.) Patient Testimonials
There are a few souls who rarely enjoy visiting a person wearing a white coat. There is a small fraction of the population where fear and anxiety prevent them from getting the vital care they need. By producing a video testimonial, a viewer will be able to relate due to the authenticity and emotion on the subjects face. As trust begins to set in on a subconscious level, video provides the key to unlocking their door of trust and bypasses any skepticism. Even to those who may have never heard of your business, a video will play an important and major role in brand credibility compared to a plain-text testimonial.

3.) Doctors’ Bio
One of the toughest decisions any person will face when looking for a doctor is finding the “right” doctor. Video bios are the absolute perfect way to introduce your medical team. There is nothing wrong with motionless jpegs but video allows patients and future patients to connect more to medical staff. It allows the viewer to understand the doctor and see him or her more humanized as opposed to a cyborg walking around in a white coat. Where do they come from? What are their credentials? What do they look like? All of these questions can be answered instantaneously by simply pushing play. According to Geocentric, 81% of consumers click on a video when looking for physician information.

4.) Market Specific Procedures
This is a favorite for potential patients who want to know what to expect about a procedure they need and/or considering. It is a “show-n-tell” video that fully describes key information about a particular procedure. Charts, diagrams, and before and after photos describe the actual process in extreme detail. It is key information a person would want to know especially if anesthesia will be used. One would want to know exactly what the process will be like while their lights are out.

5.) Frequently Asked Question
Every medical website has or should have an FAQ tab on their home page. These contain everyday questions a patient will ask when visiting a doctor or a medical professional. The medical team will take the time to answer day in and day out. Answering those questions on video will cut that time drastically, ensuring the staff can spend more time treating the patient. As mentioned before, states that a viewer will retain 50%more information from a video than literature alone, not to mention cutting down the waiting time in the lobby. I assure you that every visitor will appreciate this courtesy.

6.) Continuing Education for Personnel
Professional development should be a continuous process that allows the medical staff to be up to date with the knowledge and skills required to stay familiar with relevant guidelines and developments that affect their work. The content can be the kind that educates the staff on their employee benefits, and their compensation to more sensitive material, as to what constitutes sexual harassment, and how to handle security business content, or just support and resources. Sure you can have your medical team attend hospital clinics/short-term clinical assistant posts, but as we all know, this is very much time-consuming and does not necessarily meet the staff’s required learning needs. Supplying this information through video allows you to save enormous an amount of time that can be utilized for serving the patients.
Visiting a doctor can fill any person with anxiety. The fact that they will be entrusting a stranger with their health and possibly their lives will do just that. But it doesn’t have to be that daunting. Following any of the six video pointers appeals to your patients multiple senses by permitting them to see and view your message. By doing this you will find yourself connecting with patients on a deeper level and gaining their heavily secured trust. Hope it helps as you embark on your video production journey to strengthen your overall marketing strategy. Some doctors think video is not needed while their competition attracts the attention of many clients with their videos. Don’t be that guy! Give your patients what they’ve been wanting – video!!!